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‘At the 4-Front’ is a forum for senior diabetes nurses to share expertise and experience in a way designed to enhance not only their own practice but also that of other nurses around them

Now in its 12th year and led by a Faculty of five experienced nurses, 4-Front stages hugely successful participative events –
virtual and face-to-face – as well as providing unique information and resources to its membership. While it currently has
nearly 200 registered members, it is keen to welcome new entrants both to its main Nurse Leaders group and to its Academy.

Faculty members

Mags Bannister

Nurse Consultant, Bradford

Julie Brake

Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Royal Liverpool University

Sian Bodman

Senior Diabetes Nurse, South Wales

Nicola Milne

Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Manchester University Foundation Trust

Helen Rogers

Nurse Consultant, London

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The 4-Front Academy is aimed at diabetes nurses who are aspiring to become nurse leaders as their career develops.

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‘Experienced, well-respected senior diabetes nurses who are innovative and an inspiration and motivation to others. They have a vision to transform the boundaries of diabetes care and have an impact on diabetes services. Through evaluation and clinical expertise they continually develop services. They can see what is happening and what needs to happen, and then, through inspiring others, make it happen.’ 

There are many of you out there, so if it sounds like you, please think about joining us.

Join the 4-Front Academy

The 4-Front Academy is aimed at diabetes nurses who, while they may not yet fulfil the above description, they aspire to do so in the future. Academy nurses are offered specific training on clinical, management and academic skills to help with all aspects of their development. ‘Graduates’ are then invited to apply for the 4-Front Nurse Leaders group membership.


"Year in year out, this is one of the very best educational events in the calendar. There's always a really strong focus on group work and discussion, and that's so important."
"A colleague recommended me for the 4-Front, and my first meeting was so useful. I can't believe how many new things I learned. I wished I'd started going to the meetings earlier."
"The videos from the virtual conference were all excellent and relevant. I would really like to watch it again. I feel I understand the topics so much more now."
Sponsorship statement:
At the 4-Front: Leadership in Diabetes Nursing activities including the main Cohort programme and Faculty meeting, have been sponsored by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited. Napp have had no input into the agenda or content of the 2020 programme.

Practical experiences from running an adeno-associated virus gene therapy trials: The Principal Investigator’s perspective

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