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We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Abracadabra Diabetes Nursing Conference, by holding the first-ever Abracadabra Virtual Conference.

For UK and ROI HCPs only

Back to the future

Combining two decades of nurse education with latest evidence and therapies to deliver individualised care

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Abracadabra Diabetes Nursing Conference. Much has changed in diabetes nursing over the last two decades: new treatment options, new approaches to care, and new ways of accessing information and communicating with colleagues.

Throughout all of this, Abracadabra has remained a trusted source of education for diabetes nurses. Now we are proud to introduce the Abracadabra Virtual Conference – allowing you to access the latest updates and information on diabetes care. You have the choice of attending each day’s programme at one of two time slots, so you can access the Virtual Conference in a way that’s convenient for you.
These promotional virtual conferences have been developed, organised and funded by Lilly in conjunction with the Abracadabra Programme Planning Committee

What does this Programme offer?

Three online events, covering highly topical subjects in diabetes nursing
Live Q&A sessions with expert speakers ready to answer your burning questions
Speakers representing England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Registration now open