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Optimise Remote Consultations in Diabetes

The use of remote consultations to provide support for individuals unable to attend a clinic is becoming more significant. As healthcare professionals you are now seeing more patients than ever before, and your time must be allocated wisely. People with diabetes need a significant amount of support to maintain good health; remote consultations can help you provide good quality care and support to more patients, making better use of your time.

This webinar will examine the advances being made in remote consultations and provide you with the information and skills you need to make your own remote practice a success. The webinar will answer a lot of the pertinent questions: Which patients will be suitable? What is the best way to contact patients? How can we make it work for the patient? And how do we ensure patients receive the support they really need?

This video was originally broadcast on 14 July 2020. Please note that the speakers are not able to answer questions from attendees watching the video on-demand.

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Pam Brown


(GP in Swansea, South Wales and Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes & Primary Care)

Pam Brown has been a GP in Swansea for more than 30 years and throughout that time she has been passionate about delivering quality diabetes care, and using nutrition and lifestyle counselling in diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment. Building on her MSc in Nutritional Medicine she has undertaken more recent training in motivational interviewing and lifestyle medicine.

Pam plans and speaks at educational meetings and writes about diabetes, obesity and nutrition for primary care teams and the public. She is Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes and Primary Care. Pam enjoys teaching and has been involved in developing and teaching diabetes, obesity and rheumatology programmes for UK and international healthcare professionals. Currently she teaches on the iHeed Diabetes Diploma courses in the UK, Ireland, Middle East and Japan. These incorporate blended learning – online discussions, Zoom and WebEx tutorials and face-to-face international workshops.

Jane Diggle

BSc (Hons) RGN

(Specialist Practitioner Practice Nurse, South Kirkby, West Yorkshire)

Jane qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Nursing in 1990 (Leeds) and has been a nurse within the same practice for over 20 years. Whilst she retains a generalist role, her special interest is in diabetes for which she is clinical lead within her practice. She is an independent prescriber and has gained MSc modules in Insulin Management and New & Advanced Therapies from Leicester University.

She was appointed Co-Vice Chair of the Primary Care Diabetes Society in 2016 and has been part of the committee since 2010 ( . She is Associate Editor-in-Chief for Diabetes and Primary Care Journal, regularly publishes articles on practical aspects of diabetes care and was instrumental in developing and writing Six Steps to Insulin Safety (a free e-learning module launched in 2016 and available at ( Jane regularly speaks at national conferences on aspects of diabetes management. She is co-founder of Injection Technique Matters.

Practical experiences from running an adeno-associated virus gene therapy trials: The Principal Investigator’s perspective

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