ON-DEMAND Implementing CVOT data in the real world | Diabetes on the Net

This video was originally broadcast on 24 June 2020. Please note that the speakers are not able to answer questions from attendees watching the video on-demand.

Implementing CVOT data in the real world

  • Naresh Kanumilli, GPSi in Diabetes and Cardiology, Manchester
  • Nicola Milne, Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Manchester

Date of session: 24 June 2020

View the presentation delivered by Dr. Naresh Kanumilli & Nicola Milne as they examine the following topics:

Challenges for primary care
  • e.g. identifying high risk patients, working in a multidisciplinary team

Real world solutions
  • e.g. audits of high-risk patients, setting-up joint clinics

Case study 2: Patient with type 2 diabetes at risk of heart failure

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